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Data-driven fleet optimization for increased vehicle utilization and reduced operational costs.


Most shared mobility services aren’t profitable. Ubiq's data-driven services address this by automating operations to ensure vehicles are in the right place, at the right time, to meet demand. This enables operators to increase revenues and decrease operational costs.

Whatever your operational needs are, Ubiq can add value. This could be intelligence to help existing service teams work more effectively or, for operators looking for a more hands-off approach, Ubiq has established the StreetCrowd: Crowdsourced operations executed by citizens.

--- Solutions include: Automated Rebalancing (intelligence only or with optional StreetCrowd app), Predictive Charging (StreetCrowd app) and Dynamic Pricing ---

Leverage the power of the crowd to exploit the full potential of your fleet

Ubiq created StreetCrowd: Allowing citizens to contribute hands-on to the future of shared mobility. Through StreetCrowd, Ubiq matches vehicles requiring repositioning, or charging, with crowd users, allowing shared mobility operators to automate operations. By leveraging the power of the crowd, mobility providers have access to scalable, decentralized operations that run 24/7, across the city. *The service can also be used by operational teams.

Plug in and play: API option to get started right away

Provide your historic fleet data and live vehicle availability information / API, then access the Ubiq Fleet Rebalancing, Predictive Charging or Dynamic Pricing API in real-time to meet customer demand from day one. Ubiq adds proxy data such as app opening data, third party fleets or event data where available.

Fleet efficiency your way

Whatever your operational needs are, Ubiq adds value. If you have a brilliant service team already, Ubiq can help them to be more efficient. If you are unsure how underutilized your vehicles are, Ubiq’s plug-in forecasting models help you see where improvements can be made. Rather not have to worry about any of this? Ubiq’s complete StreetCrowd platform automates operations by leveraging the power of the crowd.

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Getting started with Ubiq

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Once set-up, watch how your daily rentals increase as vehicle supply better matches demand.