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Swobbee is a battery swapping infrastructure for micromobility solutions.


Swobbee is the e-gas station for micromobility.

Empty batteries of e-bikes, e-scooters, e-kickscooters, and other light electric vehicles can be swapped for full ones 24/7 at a Swobbee station in just a few seconds.

The Swobbee network is the only open decentralized battery-swapping network for sharing and last-mile logistic providers. With our services, we guarantee our customers the constant availability of charged batteries wherever they go.

Our software analytics supports them to optimize operations and reduce costs.

With Swobbee our customers can focus on what matters the most - moving forward!

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Charging as a service (CaaS); user swapping ready.

The CaaS model offers the possibility for companies e.g. sharing providers (electric scooters and e-kickscooters) to use a Swobbee station exclusively for themselves and use them as a decentralised charging station for their own battery pool. Eliminating the need for expensive warehouses. On a further stage end user swapping can be added. The charging process is monitored 24/7. All batteries within a Swobbee station are protected and insured against any risks.

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Battery as a Service (BaaS); full battery service including battery rental, replacement, and disposal.

The Battery-as-a-Service is a subscription-based service, which allows last mile logistics providers and sharing operators access to our unique network of battery swapping stations and our battery pool. Our service provides them with healthy, charged batteries 24/7 wherever they go and reduces operating and investments costs.

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Swobbee App and operator dashboard for smooth swapping operations.

Our App shows you the location of the nearest Swobbee station, the availability of fully charged batteries, and allows the user to reserve the desired battery. Additionally, the Swobbee dashboard provides valuable insights and analytics which help our customers to optimize their operations and utilize batteries efficiently and sustainably.

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