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Connected Insurance

We provide affordable connected insurance solutions for shared-mobility fleets.


Shared mobility operators are struggling to stay profitable due to high operational costs and regulatory requirements. Connected Insurance provides global insurance solutions, powered by AI-driven technology, for shared-mobility fleets. Our insurance solutions are backed by world-leading insurance providers. We utilize real time data to offer unique insurance solutions:

  • On-Demand rider insurance – Offered to the riders via the app: Pay Per minute or ride or subscription-based. Shared mobility operators can use this insurance as a monetization channel.

  • Usage-Based fleet insurance – The most affordable fleet insurance, pay per usage-based on the actual risk. Insurance policies are tailored to our customers' needs and can include coverages for third party liability and personal injuries. Also, we are offering a General (product) Liability insurance.

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New revenue streaming by offering on demand micro insurance

apfie helps shared mobility operators to create a new revenue stream and improve their value proposition by enabling them to offer on-demand, micro-insurance seamlessly embedded in their customer journey.

The rider needs to approve the insurance terms once and from that point the insurance can be activated automatically with each ride.

Insurance cost will be added to the ride cost.

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Getting started with Connected Insurance

Fill the insurance application form

The operator should fill an insurance application form that will allow us to understand the requirement and offer the most appropriate insurance solution and coverages.

Receive an insurance quote

After reviewing the application form we will provide a detailed quote.

Approve insurance quote and set up the insurance details at the Wunder platform

After the operator is approving the quote we will set up the insurance and activate it on the Wunder platform.