Struggling with defining your fleet size? We developed a framework to identify opportunities for your shared mobility fleet.

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Marketing efforts made easy

With our in-built marketing initiatives, you can increase engagement with existing users, attract new users, communicate the value of your service, and raise your revenue.

Encourage users to visit points of interest.

Encourage users to visit points of interest

Whether you partner with a certain store or you want to add value to your service by helping users to do some sightseeing, you can add points of interest to their maps.

Spark growth with promo codes

Assign promo codes to encourage users to head to certain locations or use your service in a particular business area.

Spark growth with promo codes.
Keep users engaged with in-app notifications.

Keep users engaged with in-app notifications

Send customers targeted notifications to help them access your service in their area, on a specific day, or at a certain time.

Reward referrals

Get your customers to do the hard work for you by offering rewards for getting their friends and family on board.

Reward referrals.