Accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility

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    November 6-7

  • Location
    Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg

350+Hand-selected attendees

Wunder Mobility Summit...

...the unique conference and innovation festival on the future of mobility in Hamburg, Germany.

The Wunder Mobility Summit exclusively brings together the brightest minds in mobility, who share an inventors spirit, a builders mentality, and a desire to initiate change.

A 1.5 day event with deep insights and inspirational knowledge transfer from all relevant players - we gather the entire mobility ecosystem from industry to academia, from policy makers to visionaries. Thrilling content, technology live-demos, test drives and exhibitions.

Be part of the movement and let's accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility!

Speaker Line-up 2019
Leaders & Innovators From Around the World

Photo of Peter Tschentscher
Peter Tschentscher

Mayor of Hamburg
City of Hamburg

Photo of John Krafcik
John Krafcik


Photo of Eckart Diepenhorst
Eckart Diepenhorst

CEO Europe

Photo of Daniela Gerd tom Markotten
Daniela Gerd tom Markotten


Photo of Ben Volkow
Ben Volkow

CEO and Founder

Photo of Alexander Hitzinger
Alexander Hitzinger

Senior Vice President Autonomous Driving
VW Group

Photo of Tatiana Calderon
Tatiana Calderon

Test Driver
Alfa Romeo Formula One

Photo of Paulin Dementhon
Paulin Dementhon

Drivy by Getaround

Photo of Michel Stumpe
Michel Stumpe


Photo of Jonathan Carrier
Jonathan Carrier

VP, Corporate Development

Photo of Alexander Marten
Alexander Marten

Chief Innovation Evangelist
Deutsche Telekom

Photo of Heiko Hüttel
Heiko Hüttel

Head of Technology and Partner Management

Photo of Jens Beckmann
Jens Beckmann

Senior Business Development Manager

Photo of Anna-Charlotte Fleischmann-Kopatsch
Anna-Charlotte Fleischmann-Kopatsch

Senior Consultant

Photo of Horace Dediu
Horace Dediu

Micromobility Industries

Photo of Jonas Seyfferth
Jonas Seyfferth


Photo of Martin Hoff
Martin Hoff

Head of Market Management & Innovation
Automotive, Allianz Partners

Photo of Vikram Chopra
Vikram Chopra

CEO and Co-Founder

Photo of Sam Baker
Sam Baker

COO & Co-Founder
Wunder Mobility

Photo of Gunnar Froh
Gunnar Froh

CEO & Co-Founder
Wunder Mobility


The future is now! Let's see what will bring in the next phase of the mobility revolution.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving

Urbanization & Smart Cities

Urbanization & Smart Cities



Public Transport & MAAS

Public Transport & MAAS

Next Generation Mobile Network

Next Generation Mobile Network

Aerial Vehicle Mobility

Aerial Vehicle Mobility


One and a half days of thrilling content

Click here to check out the preliminary agenda.


From testing out the latest in micro-mobiltiy to unforgettable parties, WMS is more than just a conference!


Speakers share their inspirational knowledge and best practices on stage.

Test Drives

Guests have the chance to experience all sorts of new urban mobility themselves.

Active Matchmaking

We facilitate one-on-one meetings between guests who want to meet each other.

Networking & Party

We host connective environments with memorable parties and effective and efficient networking breaks.


Take the chance and get into direct discussions with hand-selected and high-level guests.

Technology Playground

Guests will be inspired by new technology and are able to try it out.

Startup Stage Battle

Four selected startups share their groundbreaking visions. Find out more

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Topic Deep Dives

30 to 45 minute sessions with an exclusive group of people.

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Shape a better future

With 350+ hand-picked international guests, the off-stage interactions will be just as valuable as the on-stage talks to encourage conversations between mobility leaders to shape a better future.

Connecting the most innovative minds in mobility

Here is just a small sample of the companies that attended last year:


Feedback from WMS18

Wunder manages to get a lot of really serious experts from the Mobility industry
Eckhart Diepenhorst - CEO myTaxi
WMS is a high-calibre event, and it's a great opportunity to talk to the brightest minds in the mobility space
Sohaila Ouffata - Director of Platform BMW I Ventures
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