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Making shared mobility profitable by increasing vehicle utilisation and reducing operational costs.

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Making shared mobility profitable. This is what Ubiq does in a market where 60%-80% of the demand is not met. Its data-driven services are automating operations to ensure vehicles are in the right place, at the right time, to meet demand. This enables operators to increase revenues and decrease operational costs.

Hands-off or hands-on? Whatever approach you decide on, Ubiq can add value. Whether it’s the intelligence to help existing service teams work more effectively or a more hands-off approach, Ubiq has the service for it.

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Ubiq SaaS platform: Increasing the efficiency of your operations team

Automated Rebalancing. Ubiq automates your rebalancing and charging operations, reducing complexity and enabling scalability for your business. Improve your vehicle utilization and grow your fleet without the headache of micro-managing daily operations across cities. With Ubiq’s Automated Rebalancing API you can easily see where improvements can be made and react in real time. Combine it with our Operations Management Application and you are ready to go with your ops team or external service provider.

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Predictive Charging

Ensuring EV fleets remain charged is a major challenge for shared mobility and, if not managed effectively, can be a huge drag on revenues. Ubiq’s Predictive Charging gives you a head start by predicting the best time and place for a vehicle to be charged.

With access to historic and live fleet and infrastructure data, Ubiq enables shared mobility providers to charge their vehicles proactively so that they are charged and redeployed when generating most revenue.

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Get started right away

Plug and play. All you need to do is provide Ubiq with your Wunder credentials to access data such as historic trip data and live vehicle availability information, then access Ubiq’s services to better meet customer demand from day one. Ubiq adds proxy data such as app openings, third party fleet or event schedules where available.

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Fill out the contact form and a Ubiq representative will be in touch to discuss how you can increase your vehicle utilization.

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Connect your data

A trial will be set up to enable you to test Ubiq’s services.

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Access the API or Service to increase vehicle utilization

Once set-up, watch how your daily rentals increase as vehicle supply better matches demand.

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