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NECTURE empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of fleets, seamlessly bridging the gap between mobility and energy.

Combining human-driven information with data-driven intelligence, we provide tailored solutions that optimize operations, reduce costs, and achieve sustainability goals. NECTURE is building a world where electric fleets are not only possible, but thrive.

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StreetCrowd: The power of the crowd to exploit the full potential of your fleet

StreetCrowd is enabling citizens to contribute to the future of shared mobility. Through StreetCrowd, NECTURE matches vehicles requiring rebalancing or charging with crowd users, allowing shared mobility providers to automate operations. In other words, mobility operators have access to scalable, decentralized operations that run 24/7, across the city.

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Automated Fleet Rebalancing

NECTURE's crowdsourced rebalancing service offers unrivalled scalability and reduced operational effort. Suitable for operators looking to complement their existing efforts or outsource their fleet rebalancing completely.

By utilizing the power of the crowd, mobility providers can benefit from a decentralized operational ecosystem for 24/7 fleet rebalancing. NECTURE's takes care of recruiting, managing and steering of the crowd so you don't have to worry about whether your vehicles are in the right place.

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Charging as a Service (ChaaS)

Ensuring that EV fleets remain charged is a major challenge for shared mobility and, if not managed effectively, can be a huge drag on revenues. Necture's ChaaS gives you a head start by automating the charging process; its predictive engine is combined with crowdsourced operational execution to provide easily scalable charging operations.

To keep fleet availability high, vehicles need to be charged when they aren’t in use, rather than when they are empty. This means exploiting nearby charging infrastructure and combining the charging with vehicle rebalancing to maximize operational efficiency.

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