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The Shuttle Configuration

A robust backend and a highly customisable frontend form the fundamentals of our shuttle technology's architecture. The system is designed to help you optimize on profitability and service management in complex environments.

Custom App for your users

Built on our Global Platform

We're trying to create a more sustainable form of public transit with our own shared ride service in Delhi, Manila, and Rio de Janeiro and license our technology to partners.

Hassle-Free Trip Scheduling

Schedule single or repeating trips to automate your services, assign drivers to specific trips and define the required vehicle sizes to optimise your capacity utilisation.

Safe, Secure & Reliable.

The App offers real time ride tracking and end to end encrypted payment mechanisms in order to maintain security.

Robust Backend for you

Through a simple web interface you'll be able to identify high-demand areas that you would like to serve, place virtual shuttle stops via map and add instructions for drivers and passengers to facilitate pickups.

Live Monitoring & KPIs

Through a general overview, you'll be able to identify demand and optimise your operations. Monitor ongoing trips, assign drivers on the fly, measure KPIs and analyse past performance.


The Wunder Shuttle technology is already helping employers around the world with their employee transit needs.

"In the automotive industry, we are in the middle of a once-in-a-century change. We will leverage digital technology to respond directly to changes in customer transportation demands. We see large market potential for this business model and are working to launch and expand our business with Wunder.

Atsushi Suzuki, Marubeni

Success in Numbers

On a Global scale


reduction in commute time for employees


increase in service level for passengers


Vehicle occupancy

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