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Build your business on our platform

Wunder Shuttle is your modular platform, enabling you to digitalize or launch your on-demand shuttle operations.

Your Business

Whether you want to digitalise your transport operations or plan to kickstart a new mobility venture, Wunder Shuttle is the platform which enables you to deploy new mobility solutions fast and scalable.

Your Brand

Impress your customers with a branded user experience. You deliver your brand assets, we deliver you a branded shuttle experience for passenger, driver and operator apps.

Our Technology

We unlock your fleet’s potential with a turnkey solution that enables vehicles to be hailed on demand and to be shared efficiently.

Passenger Experience

Find a ride

Through a simple start screen, passengers are able to see vehicles nearby and the time it takes for them to be picked up.

Book a ride

Wunder’s algorithm looks for the closest available vehicle and dispatches the passenger’s request.

In real time

Shuttle drivers accept the request and passengers are provided with driver information, confirmation of pickup, and estimated time of pick up.

Driver Experience

Drive Professionally

Drivers can choose to be available for request at any time. They can also check their ride history and earnings.

Arrive safely

Drivers get passenger requests from anywhere and anytime, directly from the passenger and without having to wait for the operator to dispatch the request.


In-app navigation enables drivers to concentrate on driving and reduces distractions, ensuring safety during the ride.

Set up and operate with ease

Wunder’s web tool, dispatching algorithms, and our operational expertise will help you optimize your operation to increase vehicle utilization and profitability.

Live Monitoring & KPIs

Our live dashboard enables the operator to see an overview of their vehicle fleet and booking.

Optimize, Enhance & Expand

All requests and ride information are stored in Wunder's web tool. Operator can easily analyze and optimize business output using data from this tool.


The Wunder Shuttle technology is already helping employers around the world with their employee transit needs.

"In the automotive industry, we are in the middle of a once-in-a-century change. We will leverage digital technology to respond directly to changes in customer transportation demands. We see large market potential for this business model and are working to launch and expand our business with Wunder.

Atsushi Suzuki, Marubeni

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