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Getting your booking rates up is easier than you think

Revamp your rental company with minimal effort. Our technology can help you get your utilization rate above 90%.

And we move fast - let's get your new-and-improved rental company ready within 6 weeks.

Your Benefits

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Increase Utilization Rate

Never let your vehicles stand idle again.

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Go Paperless

Digitize your documents & access them in the cloud 24/7.

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Online Booking & Payments

Your customers are already online - you could be, too.

Set up and operate with ease

Organize your fleet

Manage utilization and damage rates and enjoy the flexibility of dynamic vehicle group pricing.

Tracking & Analysis

Track all vehicles in real time and take advantage of in-depth analytics and reporting.

Dispatch control center

View vehicle histories and manage all costs, payments and user accounts from the same place.

Your Customer's Experience

Booking in Advance

Users book weeks in advance with a convenient calendar view or on the spot when they see a vehicle.

Finding the right fit

Users can adjust rentals and choose add-ons to fits their needs perfectly, while having total price transparency.

Pick Up & Go

The perfect vehicle is never far away. Users choose the nearest pick-up location and view helpful details like fuel level.

Once they’ve reached the vehicle, that’s it - users can unlock and drive away!

Tailor your
customer experience

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Make your mark and add your company brand logo to the customizable interface.

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Use icons designed by your team to leave a good impression on your customers.

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Brighten things up with your company’s signature color palette.

Wunder Rent mockup customized with a van and in a red color scheme
Wunder Rent mockup customized with an electric scooter and in a green color scheme
Wunder Rent mockup customized with a car and in a orange color scheme


Connect Your Fleet Through Our Cloud

Starting a new business or revamping an existing fleet can only be done successfully with the help of top-of-the-line hardware.

We can help you identify an ideal hardware provider for your needs or connect you to the provider of your choice.

Six ways Wunder Rent can boost your rental business

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Eliminate the service counter and increase efficiency and user satisfaction.

blue icon of an admin screen with a graph

Control Panel

Manage payments, pricing, accounts, marketing, and vehicle history from a convenient control center.

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Comprehensive Analytics

Optimize your business with in-depth data analysis.

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Advance booking

Enable your customer to reserve vehicles and plan in advance.

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Mobilize & Unlock

Mobilize and unlock all vehicles in your fleet at the touch of a button on your dashboard.

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Launch quickly

Get your operations up and running or optimized and updated within 4 to 6 weeks.

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We'll get your new rental operations up and running in no time! Send over some info and we'll get in touch in the next 24h.

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