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Make the most of your parking space

Whether you want to increase the utilization of your parking spaces or ease the parking pain for your employees, our solution can help you make the most of your lot.

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Your benefits

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Maximize Efficiency

Automate the reallocation of unused parking spots and let our tech do the work for you.

Reduce your carbon footprint

By cutting down on the 300ℓ of gas consumed per 1000 employees searching for parking spots, you can reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions drastically.

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Boost your employees satisfaction

Advance booking means reduced waiting time at the gate and a shorter total commuting time for employees.

Create Transparency

Encourage a culture of responsible parking by introducing a fair, automated parking system that incentivizes carpooling.

Outsource Unused Space

Generate an entirely new revenue stream with minimal effort by renting out spots to local businesses after your employees have gone home for the day.

Personalize the parking experience

High-quality digital LCD displays located at each parking spot add a VIP touch and demonstrate your company’s affinity for technology.


Operating Dashboard

In addition to typical data analysis and user management functionality, our dashboard is a one-stop-shop for payment processing, account management and traffic flow optimization.

  1. View the status of all spots in the entire parking garage/area at any time, including which spots are empty or taken.
  2. Manage pesky double-parkers or other parking issues from the dashboard.
  3. Data analysis allows you to see where problem zones are and which spots are favored by employees.
  4. All payments (including weekly, monthly or yearly) can be processed digitally from the dashboard.

The Booking App

Our booking app helps companies allocate available parking spots to employees and guests as efficiently as possible, bringing space utilization up to almost 100%.

  1. Scan and go: QR codes allow for immediate access to the parking lot and eliminate the need for personnel or ticket machines.
  2. Advance booking: by reserving in advance, parking spot utilization rates increase and employees save time searching for an empty spot.
  3. Real-time data: vehicle and traffic flow data are transmitted to the operator dashboard in real-time.


Parking Access Management

Our state-of-the-art access terminal allows quick and easy access to parking spots through automatic license plate recognition mechanisms and QR code scanners. Even better: it's easy to install and compatible with all existing solutions.

  1. Authenticate employees and guests with a license plate or QR code scanning.
  2. Reliable functionality due to high detection rate.
  3. Compatible with other existing terminals and can be used at the same time.
  4. Optimize traffic flow and reduce wait times for employees and guests.

Display Signs

Our reservation display LCDs enable personalized parking space reservation. Guests will be individually greeted when they arrive at their reserved parking spot.

  1. High-quality LCD displays clearly indicate which parking spots are reserved.
  2. Greet applicants, guests and employees right as they're parking.
  3. Long names and numbers have plenty of room on wide display screens.
  4. High-resolution & easy to read.
  5. Dynamic parking spot reservation and management increases the utilization rate of each spot.


Businesses worldwide are already using our smart parking technology:

The goal of our project with Telefonica München was to manage a large company’s parking system in an intelligent, efficient way.

Our access terminal automatically scans license plates, allowing cars to drive directly into their parking garage without having to stop at a gate and greatly reducing traffic build-up in the process. The booking app then leads employees to their parking spot, which is reserved for them in advance. That's hassle-free employee parking.

We’re maximizing Porsche’s employee parking potential with unique, state-of-the art technology.

Our easy-to-use terminal and scanner system makes it easy for employees to find their spot without having to wait in line. That's how our technology is building the foundations of efficient, next-gen parking management.

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