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Simple Solutions for Complex Parking Problems

Managing your company's parking lots and garages is a complicated issue. Wunder Park helps control the chaos with a system that works.

Whether you want to increase utilization of existing spaces, allow for advance booking and reservation or simply add more visibility to your operations, let's bring parking into the 21st century together.

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How can Wunder Park help you?

Here are a few of the ways Wunder Park can help your company's parking situation:

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Parking Space Utilization

Optimize your parking space for maximum efficiency

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Cost Reductions

More effective space management means less costs

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Employee Satisfaction

No more wasted time searching for a parking spot


The Booking App

Our booking app helps companies allocate available parking spots to employees, guests and applicants as efficiently as possible, bringing space utilization up to almost 100%.

Mission Control

Operating Dashboard

In addition to real-time data, analysis functions and user management functions, our dashboard is optimised to provide all parking space information and personal access to our hardware data and controls.

Hardware Overview

Parking Access Management

Our state-of-the-art automatic parking terminal allows quick and easy access to parking spots through automatic license plate recognition mechanisms and QR code scanners. It's compatible with all existing solutions.

Display Signs

Our reservation display LCDs enable personalized parking space reservation. Guests will be individually greeted when they arrive at their reserved parking spot.


Businesses worldwide are already using our smart parking technology:

Our project with the city of St. Gallen, Switzerland was focused on high-traffic areas in the center of town. The goal was to work with local public utility companies and the St. Gallen police force in reducing CO2 emissions significantly and thereby increasing the quality of life for all citizens.

Our cutting-edge software solutions turned out to be a viable, effective solution for the city.

We’re maximizing Porsche’s employee parking potential with unique, state-of-the art technology.

Our easy-to-use terminal and scanner system makes it easy for employees to find their spot without having to wait in line. That's how our technology is building the foundations of efficient, next-gen parking management.

The goal of our project with Telefonica München was to manage a large company’s parking system in an intelligent, efficient way.

Our access terminal automatically scans license plates, allowing cars to drive directly into their parking garage without having to stop at a gate and greatly reducing traffic build-up in the process. The booking app then leads employees to their parking spot, which is reserved for them in advance. That's hassle-free employee parking.

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