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Build flexible promotion marketing campaigns that perform, without wasting development time and marketing money.


Talon.One is a powerful promotion engine that enables you to create targeted and customized marketing promotions built around your customer and session data. Talon.One’s promotion infrastructure allows you to create, manage, and track discounts, coupon codes, referrals, loyalty, and product bundles - all in one holistic platform.

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Build data-driven promotions

Sync all your data in real-time and use it to target and personalize your promotions more effectively than ever before. Anything is possible.

  • All session data
  • Any user profile data
  • Geolocation
  • Payment & much more
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The Campaign Manager

Build and manage all your campaigns in one place. Control budgets, rewards, priorities, redemptions and so much more.

  • Automate budgets
  • Build campaign rules
  • Generate & find coupons
  • Create custom events
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The Rule Engine

Build rules using conditions and effects to create completely automated workflows for all of your campaigns.

  • Coupon-based incentives
  • Discount & price adjustments
  • Loyalty programs
  • Bundling & sales rules

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This App requests access to

  • Vehicle Data
  • User Data
  • Trip Data

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