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We are SURVE - Europe’s No 1 for intelligent shared mobility operations.

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We are SURVE - Europe’s No 1 for intelligent shared mobility operations. Through an integration of full service, intelligent software and smart infrastructure solutions, we provide highly efficient and sustainable shared mobility operations.

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Intelligent software solution to increase the availability of vehicles in sharing fleets

Our software solution is the key to your operational excellence. The software allows you to experience full transparency over your vehicles and their maintenance needs and history. At the same time, the platform allocates open maintenance tickets, which require specific skill sets to qualified field operations staff. This is done automatically in real-time, and also plans optimized routes for field operations staff to run their work most efficiently. Optimization of operations is made possible by in-house developed algorithms and streamlined computer efficiency. Finally, tickets can be measured and prioritized according to SLAs such as reaction time or fleet uptime targets.

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Full service for any shared mobility fleet: From cleaning and recharging to battery swapping and relocating your fleet

We place significant value on our social responsibility. That’s why we abstain from using temp agencies and hire all of our service professionals in-house. Having our own highly-motivated team allows us to guarantee a high-quality and sustainable full-service for any kind of shared mobility provider in Europe.

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Custom infrastructure solutions to guarantee highly-efficient operations

We always stay ahead of the curve by developing our own infrastructure solutions, such as our state of the art warehouses, emissions free service fleets, various charging solutions and our decentralized micro hubs — all of which enable us to provide sustainable and highly-efficient operations for shared mobility fleets.

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Surve Mobility

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Reach out to your business account manager via the form on this page

How can we help your business with our solutions? Shoot us an email with your inquiry and we will be in touch shortly.

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Schedule a free consultation with our mobility experts

At Surve, we live mobility and talk to customers or potential partners at eye level. Our experience with all major operators in many countries allows us to quickly understand your business needs and share best practices. We take a consultative approach to our partnership guiding you to enable sustainable mobility services.

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Pilot and roll-out our modular solutions for fleet operations

We are happy to offer you the highest possible degree of flexibility. With Surve you can decide modularly which solutions you need and even choose different configurations between different locations. In some markets, it may make sense for you to fully outsource the software, service delivery by our own team on the ground and complementary infrastructure to Surve.

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