Reaching a younger audience with shared mobility

Rhein Energie cover image of an evening view in the city of Cologne, featuring a church and bridge.

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As a municipal energy supplier, RheinEnergie has long been a pioneer in electromobility. It was only natural for the company to launch an additional service for climate-friendly transportation, which it did by introducing 400 e-mopeds in the city of Cologne under the name rhingo. Powered by Wunder, rhingo is able to serve younger audiences and existing customers by bringing sustainable shared mobility to local hotspots.

RheinEnergie believes that shared mobility services add value to communities by providing alternative transportation methods and by supporting local sustainability initiatives.

100% Electric vehicles

400 Scooters in their fleet

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How RheinEnergie reached a younger audience with shared mobility

Rhein Energie ebook in desktop, mobile device and tablet format with an image of two persons riding a emoped.
Rhein Energie card image of a rhingo emoped standing parked in the middle of an urban city street.
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As an energy supplier and service provider, we are always looking for new business areas. With the help of Wunder Mobility, we were able to get started with our shared mobility offering "rhingo" and easily tailor it to our younger target group by offering student discounts, for example.

Sabine Krause
Project Manager at RheinEnergie for rhingo

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