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How Arnab convinces commuters in the Gulf region to leave their cars at home

The details

The Persian Gulf is one of the most exciting and dynamic parts of the world. Those who live there will tell you that it is very specific in terms of climate, geography, urban development, and transportation habits which means that bringing new tech to this region also requires local knowledge.“How many cars can we take off the streets?” asked Vaibhav Chauhan, Founding Team Member at Arnab Mobility. This is the question that put Arnab Mobility on their journey to become one of the largest shared mobility companies in the Persian Gulf.

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Building the software inhouse and launching would have taken us 1.5 years while with Wunder Mobility we hit the ground running in less than six months.

Vaibhav Chauhan
Founding Team Member Arnab Mobility

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Wunder Mobility is an all-in-one platform to help get your vehicle sharing company off the ground. Equipped with a mobile app, backend management system, and sharing-ready vehicles, Wunder can get you on the streets in no time.

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