What is a developer-friendly one-stop-shop solution?

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Here at Wunder Mobility, we pride ourselves on offering a one-stop-shop solution for shared mobility operators. Keep reading to find out how our team and our all-in-one solution can take your business to the next level. 

Whether you have an established shared mobility service or you’re on your way to building one, it’s crucial that your software, vehicles, and mobile app all work together in a seamless way. To do this, you might think that you have to select, source, purchase, and connect your vehicles yourself and set your operations and app up either internally or with a separate software provider, but, with us, you can do everything in one place. 

From our integrated vehicles, to our innovative IoT, to our dedicated support, and comprehensive software, we cover every area of your business so you can focus on what’s important to you and your customers. Our one-stop-shop means that instead of having multiple people to contact, you have one dedicated team for everything. 

We can connect all kinds of IoT-fitted vehicles to our platform

If you already own a fleet of vehicles and want to connect these to our platform, then there’s a good chance we can connect them with our own IoT Connector. This single piece of software connects IoT-fitted vehicles to our platform and acts as a translator to facilitate smooth communication between the various different types of IoT devices and the backend. 

With our IoT Connector, you can access data about the health of your fleet 24/7 and you can test and interact with vehicles to identify issues fast. What’s more, you can add and configure vehicles quickly, and even reboot and update your IoT devices remotely.

If you choose to order your vehicles directly from us, then you can rest assured knowing that all of our e-bikes and e-mopeds come with IoT technology built in. This means that your vehicles can be connected to our platform from day one, you can update them remotely, and manage all tasks related to each and every one of them from the dashboard. 

We offer best in class vehicles and hardware support

Our e-bike and e-moped have been designed to reduce the total cost of ownership. They both have a high range which means that you need to do fewer battery swaps and store less batteries, which reduces your costs for operations, warehousing, and insurance. Both vehicles also come with smart and customizable features. For example, the acceleration on our e-bike can be customized. If your chosen business area is hilly, for example, you can choose an acceleration program which kicks in earlier. Not only will this make the ride easier for your customers, it can also give you an edge over your competitors.

By partnering with Yadea, we offer the highest quality and most reliable sharing-ready vehicles, along with fast support and massive production capacities. So, even if you want to launch a huge fleet of e-bikes, for example, we won’t run into trouble with the production capacity. We can also source, ship and store vehicles at your convenience. All you have to do is choose a vehicle and we’ll pick it up from there. 

We offer a software solution that works for you

Our one-stop-shop solution has been built around the fact that everything works together in one closed system, i.e., our vehicles work with our software and mobile app, and vice versa.  

Once your vehicles, whether bought from us or elsewhere, are connected to our platform, either with our IoT Connector or built in IoT, you can manage them remotely and take advantage of our many innovative and time-saving features. 

On our dashboard, you can manage and monitor your fleet in real-time. Here, you can get an overview of trips, vehicles, customers and payments in one place and you can set your business area, make use of geofencing and get to know your customers. 

On our Operations Map, you can see detailed IoT info (e.g. lock status, battery level, damage reports, notes etc.) and the tasks assigned to each and every vehicle. Here, you can set tasks, modify tasks, filter vehicles by task, set tasks in bulk, and more. You can also specify the priority and due date of a task, attach files to a task, and (if needed) link a customer to a task (e.g. if an end-customer damaged a vehicle during a trip) or assign tasks to specific employees. 

What’s more, last year, we introduced an Auto-end trip feature. Now your customers no longer have to worry about forgetting to end a reservation and having to pay much more than they expected. And, on your side, you can ensure all vehicles are used properly and increase their availability.

And, thanks to our new subscription and benefit passes, you can secure steady and recurrent income. With the help of free unlocks, you can incentivize your customers to pay for your service on a recurring basis and reward them as and when you want to. 

Our mobile app works with our platform and our vehicles

Our customizable mobile app makes it easy for your customers to find, book, and unlock your vehicles. 

With its straightforward registration process and SMS verification, your customers can download your app, verify their accounts, and access your vehicles in a matter of seconds. You can also send customers targeted notifications to help them access your service in their area, on a specific day, or at a certain time.

And, once customized, your app can be made available on the Apple app store and the Google Play store.

We have a complete set of APIs to help you go even further

Last but not least, we have trusted third-party extensions to assist you with all kinds of things, from tracking user behavior on your app, to leveling up your loyalty programs with gamification, to protection from fraud, and so much more. 

For example, with StriveCloud, Wunder’s partner expert in gamification, you can motivate your users to complete more trips while engaging them in a fun and customer-centric app experience!

With Wunder, you have access to everything all under one roof, so you can get dedicated support with your operations, mobile app, or vehicles in one place.

With our software solution, customizable white label app, and sharing ready vehicles, you have all the tools you need to scale your shared mobility service. Are you ready to hit the gas? Get in touch with our team today.

Software to scale your sharing fleet

Our operations platform and customizable white label app offer you an end-to-end solution to get your mobility sharing business scaling.