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April 27, 2020

Welcoming SHARE NOW

We are proud to welcome the world’s largest car sharing operator, SHARE NOW, to #WeAllMove.

One of the pioneers of the global new mobility revolution resulted from the merger of the iconic brands car2go and DriveNow. SHARE NOW has always been at the forefront of commitment to the mobility industry. Today, we can proudly announce that SHARE NOW has decided to join the #WeAllMove initiative as part of the World Economic Forum’s Global COVID Action Platform.

With this, SHARE NOW joins the ranks of the World Economic Forum, Voi technology, Hertz Autovermietung and Allianz Partners to help the world adapt to a new normal in mobility. This brings a whole new dimension of experience and operational excellence to our movement and marks another milestone in the level of collaboration that our industry has seen towards helping our community deal with these extraordinary circumstances. was launched less than two weeks ago and has already united major industry players from across the spectrum, creating a much-needed conversation about filling in mobility related information gaps during COVID-19 in the process. More than 65 operators in over 200 cities across the world have made their services available on the platform, and the numbers are growing by the day. Over 3000 visitors are using the tool to find services in their area.

With this announcement, this movement has gone on to become the largest of its kind, which serves as a testimony to the commitment that our mobility community has shown towards breaking down barriers and coming to the aid of these essential workers and services. As part of their Care Now initiative, SHARE NOW has already taken first steps towards bringing workers of essential services to their destinations safely - taking it a step further by joining hands with #WeAllMove was only natural.

We are currently undergoing a transition to a new normal. These are extraordinary circumstances that can only be dealt with by extraordinary means. All of us involved in this movement are considered part of what industry experts call “new mobility”, and our belief is that new mobility is designed around accessibility and availability for all. Nobody should be left behind, especially at a time like this. We are fortunate enough to have found partners who believe in the same vision, and we’re extremely excited to bring SHARE NOW onboard.

“We are excited to be part of such an important project! Together we want to support people who are crucially dependent on mobility, especially in the current crisis situation. But we also see this partnership as a long-term opportunity to develop new ideas and concepts for the mobility of the future. We will gain important learnings from the Corona crisis that will help us to shape the future of modern mobility,” says SHARE NOW CEO Olivier Reppert.

Whether you’re a provider or a person who just needs a safe way to get to work, has you covered. Check out the platform and feel free to use the contact form to send us your questions and comments.

“Agility and multi-modality are key to a resilient mobility ecosystem,” says Dr. Maya Ben Dror, Lead Automotive and Autonomous Mobility, World Economic Forum. “We are excited to welcome SHARE NOW, a key actor in multi-modal mobility, into the #WeAllMove family devoted to re-build a better mobility reality.”

This platform is open to everybody who needs help moving around, not just mobility experts. That’s why we’re extending our invitation to you, too, to join the movement.

Because if one of us moves, #WeAllMove. is an open, online platform, connecting mobility providers with workers of essential services and is part of the World Economic Forum’s COVID Action Platform. It was created on the premise that as an industry, we should work together to help those providing the greatest services to society during times of crisis. For more information on the platform, check out our recent blog post.

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