May 28, 2020

[Video] Wunder Vehicles: Taking the next step in capturing the value chain of mobility

Today, we’re taking the next step in becoming a full stack mobility platform for operators by kicking off our official launch campaign for Wunder Vehicles.

Over the last two years, we’ve focused all of our efforts towards becoming the largest SaaS platform for new mobility. After bringing more than 70 clients across 6 continents on board, we can proudly say that we’re already in sight of that summit. In this entire journey, we helped our clients deploy thousands of vehicles and learned about the most delicate issues they faced while scaling their operations. In order to solve this challenge and enable their success, we took it on ourselves to develop capabilities on the hardware end of this value chain. This led to the birth of Wunder Vehicles towards the second half of last year.

Deploying light electric vehicles at scale came as an organic next step in the direction towards realising our vision of accelerating the transition of sustainable mobility: LEVs replace fossil-fueled rides in cities with sustainable electric ones. After spending more than 9 months helping our clients deploy thousands of vehicles, we developed an intricate understanding of the complications that come with global supply chains around sourcing, deploying and scaling electric vehicle fleets.

Today, we evolve from being a reseller of vehicles to launching our own. Over the last six months, the Wunder Vehicles team has worked hard to co-develop our first sharing ready electric vehicle with Yadea, the world’s largest manufacturer of light electric vehicles.

Until today, we’re the only people who know the story of this capability; today, we want to tell the #FullStory to the world.

Available for preorder now. Visit our website for more details.

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