October 1, 2020

[Video] Wunder Marketplace: The first Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) marketplace

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Wunder Marketplace — a first-of-its-kind Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) marketplace.

Through working with our clients around the globe, we’ve realized the unique challenges that each operator faces. From varying regional requirements, difficulties forecasting demand, and more, one solution alone cannot serve all clients equally. With the Wunder Marketplace, we’re providing our clients with more choices and more flexibility — allowing them to adapt our software solutions to fit their specific needs.

As of today, our clients can visit the Wunder Marketplace and choose from several partner-built software solutions to extend their platform. With our seamless integration, these extensions can be installed quickly — allowing our clients to get started with ease.

For operators just getting started, the Wunder Marketplace offers tools, like those from Asana and Zendesk, that optimize everyday workflows. Companies in the scaling stage can leverage extensions, from Serveedo, for example, that optimize operational processes and automate fleet maintenance. Furthermore, established mobility companies can find solutions to set themselves apart and stand out from the competition. These include high-performance analytics from Zoba and completely new products such as StriveCloud’s gamification platform.

The Wunder Marketplace represents our strong belief in opening up our software solutions for additional partners and developers to give our clients the freedom of choice. But, it doesn’t stop there. The platform is open to any partner or developer that wants to contribute a software solution to our clients.

The Wunder Marketplace is the next step in our promise to help our clients, start, scale, and stand out in the mobility industry. We’re looking forward to growing together.

The Wunder Marketplace is available at www.wundermobility.com/marketplace

Existing Wunder Mobility customers can find the Wunder Marketplace within the Wunder Fleet product back-end in the drop-down menu.

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Get ahead of the competition with the Wunder Marketplace — the world’s first mobility marketplace connected to our stable and scalable mobility platform.

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