October 24, 2019

[Video] What Automotive Companies Can Do To Stay Current

Watch our Chief Evangelist and Head of Partnerships, Tamy B. Ribeiro, talk at Shift Automotive about the paradigm shift the corporate world is experiencing and what companies can do stay current.



It’s Time for a Change

In her short talk, Tamy highlights one of the major issues companies are facing today: innovate, or risk getting left behind. What’s truly at the heart of innovation, anyway? Tamy suggests it’s having the courage to face and even embrace change head on - to know when it’s time to protect your company’s traditional model, or when it’s time to disrupt your own core business.

But don’t just take her word for it - S&P 500 Index metrics prove that the average company lifespan is shortening from 60 to 15 years.

Additionally, the desire to own a car is decreasing 10% per generation, and half of Gen Z doesn’t see the need to own a car.

If that’s not a wake-up call for companies, nothing will be.

Enjoy the video!

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