August 5, 2019

Introducing Wunder Rent

What is Wunder Rent?

While many types of vehicle sharing companies have digitized their operations already, station-based rental companies often lag behind. Traditional car rental services have been around since at least the 1910s, so it’s really no surprise that many established rental companies are struggling to “modernize” their operations to fit in with the current, ever-changing mobility landscape.

Wunder Rent is an all-in-one, cloud-based, combination software-hardware product. Simply put, it’s a system that allows you to go paperless and offer digital booking to your customers while letting you, the operator, manage all necessary user and vehicle data from one convenient control panel.

How Can Wunder Rent Software Benefit You?

The control panel is your one-stop fleet management shop.

The control panel includes all the details a rental service operator needs: driver and user account information, booking schedules and vehicle availability, vehicle histories and damage reports, payments, marketing services like promo codes and of course real-time vehicle tracking. You even can mobilize or unlock all vehicles in your fleet at the touch of a button.

With the Wunder Rent control panel, you can view pricing options and change prices according to demand. Dynamic vehicle pricing is an important component of many rental businesses, and we understand that it’s a deal breaker many companies can’t do without. That’s why all prices are yours to freely determine with Wunder Rent.

Already paying for tracking? Analyze that data effectively as part of the deal.

Aside from the functionality mentioned above, the control panel provides another valuable benefit: reports. Many rental companies pay for GPS tracking but have a separate provider for their reporting, or - even worse - they don’t make use of the data they collect at all. With Wunder Rent, data tracking and analytics are simply part of the package.

Predict your fleet’s productivity and utilization rates and use those predictions to your advantage. Stay one step ahead by being able to foresee when a vehicle needs to be repaired, before the breakdown happens. With Wunder Rent, you can view your personalized reports in the control panel at any time.

Do away with service counters for good.

Your customers will thank you for being able to book their vehicle online, showing up at the pick-up location and not having to wait for a service attendant to “bring the car out front” for them. They’ll thank you for not having to sign a form, either - by switching to Wunder Rent, your rental business can go entirely paperless.

It’s not just about keeping up with changing customer demand: digitalizing your rental operations dramatically increases the amount of time you have to focus on things that matter. Save resources by not having to hire service agents to work at pick-up locations. Save time by automatically generating rental contracts that can be signed digitally, or by allowing damages to be reported via smartphone. Save money by never allowing another vehicle in your fleet to stand idle again, all thanks to predictive risk and utilization management.

Intrigued? Drop us a line. We work quickly.

Wunder Rent is a workable management system for many different business models. OEMs, corporations looking to offer employee car sharing, independent rental companies with small to mid-sized fleets, or even startups who want their fair share of the action in their home city’s mobility scene can all benefit from Wunder Rent software.

Last but not least: if you think getting Wunder Rent set up sounds like a time-consuming process, think again. We move fast. With our help, you can launch your operations or revamp your entire fleet management system within 4 to 6 weeks.

Visit our Wunder Rent page for more information or contact us - we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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