June 26, 2019

Introducing Wunder Park

On average, employees spend 18 minutes searching for an available parking spot at their workplace. As if that wasn’t bad enough, 300 liters of gas are consumed per 1000 employees searching for those spots.

Aerial view of a chaotic parking lotControl the chaos with Wunder Park.

That’s why Wunder Mobility is launching Wunder Park: we’re optimizing parking space management to help corporations keep their parking situation under control.

How Can Wunder Park Help?

Managing an employee parking system is complex. Contrary to popular belief, capacity is rarely the biggest issue at hand. Instead, it’s often a question of managing the actual status of designated parking areas.

How many spots are empty or taken? Where’s the next closest spot that your pregnant or disabled employee can access without having to walk too far? If an employee is sick or on vacation, why can’t we let another employee park in their spot while they’re gone? These problems seem relatively straightforward, but they’re hard to solve without having the proper tools at your disposal. That’s where Wunder Park comes in.

How Does Wunder Park Work?

Step 1: Book a Spot

Employees and guests create a profile in a user-friendly booking app. Logged-in guests can then reserve a designated parking spot before they even leave their driveway, reducing wait times at the gate when they do arrive at work.

Step 2: Arrival at the Terminal

When employees first drive up to the gate of their company parking garage, they find an access terminal waiting for them. After that, they either scan a QR code with their smartphone or have their license plate automatically scanned by Wunder Park recognition mechanisms. (A digital payment system can also be built into the terminal upon request.) After the employee checks in, the gate opens and the parking spot that was booked in advance is essentially unlocked for that specific employee’s use only.

Step 3: Park and Go

High-quality LCD reservation displays located at each parking spot serve an important purpose: they make it very clear who’s reserved the designated spot in advance. They also add a personal touch and have plenty of room for longer names or numbers. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate being addressed by name at their personal parking spot for the day?

Reduce Costs and Increase Employee Satisfaction

Wunder Park is a revolutionary parking management system because it enables companies to do more with the space they already have, rather than requiring the building of more structures or the use of extra time and resources. Combining high-quality hardware and software components, the Wunder Park system cuts costs and increases employee satisfaction rates simply by allowing companies to allocate their parking spots in a more efficient, economical way.

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