September 9, 2019

[Video] How Location Affects Launching a Vehicle Sharing Company

We sat down with Yannick Hippolyte, Business Development Manager here at Wunder, to talk about how locations affect launching a vehicle sharing company. He talks about three different factors to keep in mind before you take the plunge and start your shared mobility company.

Here are the three factors to consider:

Vehicle Type & Local Preference

It’s important to leverage your location in order to find the right type of vehicle for your customer’s needs. Beach communities and snowy rural landscapes might attract different customers, which will in turn affect the vehicles you select.

Target Users

Know your customer! It’s important for running any business type you can think of. Will you be attracting tourists, commuters or Saturday window shoppers?

Local Regulation

What rules and laws could affect the type of vehicles you offer? Would a lack of parking spaces mean less of a potential market for car sharing in your location of choice? Think about it before you decide on a vehicle type!

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