April 9, 2020

From Moving People to Starting a Movement [Video]

The world we live in today is completely different from what it used to be even two weeks ago. One third of the human population is currently living under lockdown. COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on society: from the way we work to the way we move, every aspect of our lives is now approaching a new normal, and what started as a health crisis is now sending ripples through the global economy.

The frontline of this crisis, however, is formed by essential services and small/medium enterprises, without which life would come to a virtual standstill.

  • Medical professionals, healthcare workers and delivery services are just some of the professions that are not able to work remotely, impacting almost one in four Americans.
  • Furthermore, the outbreak has placed many businesses that rely on the movement of goods or staff at existential risk.

In times like these, it becomes our responsibility as a mobility industry to work towards prioritising the movement of essential workers. Service providers have already enacted initiatives to tackle this issue, but gaps in information and the difficulty involved in finding suitable mobility options has left much to be desired.

As a solution to this very immediate hurdle, and staying in line with our mission to double-down on our investments in the industry, I’m proud to announce the launch of #WeAllMove, an open digital platform in partnership with the World Economic Forum’s COVID Action Platform, Allianz Automotive and Hertz Rentals Germany.

The goal of this platform is to bridge information gaps by consolidating mobility services available in every city across the world: workers of essential services with real-time demand are matched with an operator in their area who can provide them with safe mobility options. This is the first step towards the global transition to a “new mobility normal”.

We believe that it is time to come together, break down barriers and take collective action to aid in recovery. This is not a statement; it’s an invitation we would like to extend to everybody, from private mobility operators and public transit operators to commuters and academic institutions.

Because if one of us moves, #WeAllMove.

Join the movement on www.weallmove.co

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