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March 30, 2020

Changing Gears

Two weeks back, in a note, I had highlighted how we, at Wunder Mobility, were preparing ourselves to serve you better in a crisis that had just begun to show signs of its current unprecedented state. With most nations either being in or almost entering a lockdown, the shared mobility ecosystem has taken its own share of hits, sending some of the most well-funded transportation startups into troubled waters.

While this is clearly a period of economic uncertainty and the mobility space is hit hard, we are doubling down on our investment into our clients, partners and the industry as a whole. In line with this, last week, we completed our acquisition of the technology and talent of Australia-based car-sharing and rental technology provider, KEAZ.

Keaz’s technology allows companies ranging from rental agencies, car dealerships, and corporates to provide users with shared access to vehicles via a customized mobile application and powerful back-office management tool. Their global customer base spans Asia Pacific and North America and includes a variety of household names including Toyota and Lexus.

We’ve taken the last two weeks to thoroughly adapt ourselves to the threat that Covid-19 poses to the operations of our clients. This acquisition is directly in response to our customers’ requests for more capabilities in the area of rental operations aimed at increasing utilization rates of vehicles and lowering costs. In times like these, we were fortunate enough to find a partner in the Keaz team; that allows our customers greater access to world-class rental technology. We are looking forward to welcoming Tim Bos, founder and CTO of Keaz, to join our team and continue the further development of this technology under the Wunder Rent brand.

I want to take this opportunity to reassure you that the needs of our clients, partners, and industry, as a whole, remain our team’s top priorities. This is the first in a series of investments that we will be making in the coming months to stay on the cutting edge with our product offerings while supporting the mobility sector. #BecauseWeShareTomorrow

Stay safe!

Click here for more information regarding our rent product. In order to read the full press release, click here for English and here for German.

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